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Our relocation support services include:

Housing Assistance We can bring you in contact with housing brokers who could help you find your new home.
Banking and Tax Advice: We offer guidance on setting up bank accounts and provide tax advice to help you understand your financial obligations in the Netherlands.
Orientation and Cultural Integration: Adapting to a new culture can be daunting. We provide orientation sessions to familiarize you with Dutch customs, social norms, and essential services.

Why Choose Accounting WorldWide B.V.?

Expert Immigration Team Our experienced immigration specialists have a track record of successfully assisting individuals and businesses with their immigration needs.
Personalized Attention We prioritize your unique requirements, providing personalized solutions that address your specific situation.
Timely and Efficient Service We understand the importance of timely immigration processes and strive to handle your case with utmost efficiency.
Comprehensive Support From visa applications to relocation assistance, our services cover all aspects of your immigration journey.

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